Yangtao - Our entry for the 2019 International Collegiate Competition for Brain-inspired Computing

Introduction In October, I participated together with a friend in the 2019 International Collegiate Competition for Brain-inspired Computing organized by Tsinghua University. The task was to develop an AI system that is brain-inspired, that is inspired by how the human brain works. From the website: In this contest, we generalize brain-inspired computing a little bit to a wider range of works reflecting the integration of neuroscience and computer science on problems relevant to general intelligence.

Cash Clash - Our Ludum Dare 44 Game

Over the years, I heard a lot about Game Jams, online competitions in which you need to develop a game from scratch including assets in a limited time frame, often a weekend. I always wanted to participate in one, but life always got in the way. For the Ludum Dare 44, which took place from Saturday April 27th to Tuesday April 30th, 2019, I finally decided to attend no matter what.

Announcing Wikimapper

My current NLP research is about Entity Linking, that is disamiguating a mention, e.g. Obama with regard to a knowledge base. When using Wikidata for that, it would be linked to Q76. It is a difficult problem to create an automatic system for that, as mentions are often very ambiguous. For instance when linking Obama, possible candidates are among others Barack Obama, his wife Michelle Obama or even a city in Japan.

maobi - Learning to write Hanzi in Anki

For over three years now, I learn Mandarin after lectures or after work. To stay motivated, I take the HSK Chinese proficiency exams. In November, I took HSK 4. While my scores were high in listening and reading, my writing score was pretty low (I am still a bit sad about it). To be honest, that was not too much of a surprise, as I up to then skipped writing practice.