Kunming Waterfall Park

Last Monday, I was visiting a friend in Kunming. She lives in the north of Kunming and I near the city centre. Therefore we normally meet up at TongDe Plaza (同德昆明广场) which is convenient for both of us. On this day, after we found each other there, we went to her apartment complex. My friend is really fortunate to live next to a park with a large sea and waterfall. Next to the waterfall park is a shopping mall and a small amusement park, both to be opened soon.

One can walk behind the waterfall itself. On that day, it was a little bit cold and windy, therefore the waterfall dripped on the walkway. We made it half through and then ran back. Some more daring visitors made it, supported by rain jackets and umbrellas.

My friend promised me a big surprise waiting by the upper lake feeding the waterfall. It was a huge dinosaur sculpture. After we walked around the lake, we went back to dine at TongDe and talked. It was a very nice day spent together with friends.

The waterfall park is really nice. I envy my friend a bit that she has an apartment in the vicinity. While it is in the north of Kunming which is kind of far from the city center, life there is a bit more relaxed. There is nature, it is not so crowded. Maybe the subway line will be extended to be closer.

Jan-Christoph Klie
Jan-Christoph Klie
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