Vegetarian buffet and Buddhism

On the weekends, the school does not provide meals for us, therefore we often go out together. A school friend of me is vegetarian and wanted to show us a vegetarian all-you-can-eat restaurant. He said it is Tibetan. The restaurant looks really Buddhistic with the decor, waiters and altars.

It was really worth the price, as the buffet itself is around 16¥. They provide a wide array of different dishes, I especially liked the broccoli, fried potatoes and tofu. In addition to the buffet, they also have mini hotpot. Normally I hesitate to eat hotpot, as I cannot eat spicy. This time, the soup itself was really tasty and mild.

In the television in the background ran a Buddhist liturgy. One monk (?) sang and the congregation sang along. Their songs spoke about how they love the world, all the people and how they want to spread this love to everyone. They all looked very happy, it really touched me. I told this story to my girlfriend, and she said that in Frankfurt, close to my home in Germany is a Buddhist temple. When I am back in Germany, then I will definitely pay them a visit. Google says that they are Chinese, so I can practice my Mandarin, learn about their religion and eat their tasty food.

Jan-Christoph Klie
Jan-Christoph Klie
PhD Student Natural Language Processing

I am a computer science PhD student and avid Chinese learner.