Kunming Waterfall Park

Last Monday, I was visiting a friend in Kunming. She lives in the north of Kunming and I near the city center. Therefore we normally meet up at TongDe Plaza (同德昆明广场) which is convenient for both of us. On this day, after we found each other there, we went to her apartment complex.

Private tea ceremony in Kunming

Last Saturday, we attended a tea ceremony in a private tea house. Normally, only manager or other white-collar workers book sessions there. Very few foreigners have visited it. The story about how we came to know about it is quite interesting. A fellow pupil from my Chinese school in Kunming met a local neighbour in our building. They bumped into each other in the elevator and started to talk. Her friend is the tea lady.

Vegetarian buffet and Buddhism

On the weekends, the school does not provide meals for us, therefore we often go out together. A school friend of me is vegetarian and wanted to show us a vegetarian all-you-can-eat restaurant. He said it is Tibetan. The restaurant looks really Buddhistic with the decor, waiters and altars. It was really worth the price, as the buffet itself is around 16¥. They provide a wide array of different dishes, I especially liked the broccoli, fried potatoes and tofu.

Kunming Western Mountains

Last weekend, I went with my friends to the Western Mountains, just outside of Kunming. They are directly adjacent to the Dian Lake, the larget lake in Yunnan Province. Sadly, the water is heavily polluted, making it unfit for swimming, fishing or other industrial use.

Kunming Green Lake

I am currently in Kunming, Yunnan learning Chinese in an intensive program. This is the weather that greeted my on the first morning in Kunming. Normally, it is called the spring city, but the weather was pretty rainy, cold and foggy. I hoped that it will improve when I actually want to go outside and discover the city.

Hello World

Hello, my name is Jan-Christoph Klie. I am a computer science student that just finished his master’s thesis at TU Darmstadt. This blog will mostly contain posts about Programming, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning in general and learning Mandarin.